eBay Radio 11th Anniversary Party

By Chris Dawson June 2, 2014 - 3:16 pm

eBay Radio PartyeBay Radio’s 11th anniversary party is taking place in Las Vegas on the 17th – 19th June and it’s fully booked, although they do have a standby list if you want to go.

Now in its 6th year, the eBay Radio Party & Conference celebrates the anniversary of eBay Radio with 3 full days of eBay and ecommerce education, live radio broadcasts, networking and assorted festivities. Attendees are avid full- and part-time eBay sellers, including many Top Rated Sellers; eBay Education Specialists; sellers group leaders; eBay coaches; and other influencers.

There are three packed days with talks from eBay and Ecommerce Experts, Bestselling Authors, eBay Team Leaders, and more, but as the name suggests there’ll be plenty of time to party. eBay Radio Hosts Griff & Lee will be at Bally’s Casino Bar Las Vegas on the 17th for an evening drinking session if you want to join them.

eBay radio broadcasts live on the Internet every Tuesday for eBay Radio, 11am-2pm Pacific Time, and every Thursday for eBay Radio’s Ask Griff & Lee, 11am-1pm Pacific Time.

  • Alex
    3 years ago

    eBay Radio? What next, a bank maybe? Oops, I forgot about PayPal!!

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