eBay Motors Awards 2014

By Chris Dawson June 11, 2014 - 6:56 am

Mike Brewer hmLast night eBay held their 2nd annual eBay Motors awards, hosted by Mike Brewer, best known for Discovery Channel’s “Wheeler Dealer”.

Mike is a huge eBay fan and if you watch the program you’ll often see him search a generic “auction site” when looking for a motor to do up, but in reality it’s always eBay.

eBay Motors is a massive category with 3 million motor enthusiasts visiting every month. A car sells every minute on eBay and a car part every second.

There are some really fantastic dealers on eBay Motors – I’ve bought my last five vehicles on eBay over the years (I still have two of them). My latest purchase was a van from an eBay Classified ads last month and it was delivered to my house within two hours of phoning the dealer and agreeing a price!

As always there were a ton of great companies nominated by eBay motors fans to win each award, but the winners were:

eBay Customers New Car of the Year

Nissan Qashqai

eBay Customers Used Car Brand of the Year

BMW Group

Aftermarket Parts & Accessories eBay Motors Store of the Year

Euro Car Parts

OEM Parts & Accessories eBay Motors Store of the Year


eBay Dealer Group of the Year

Perrys Motor Sales

eBay Independent Garage of the Year

Grashion Automotive Solutions

eBay Innovative Seller of the Year

Auto Parts Delivered

eBay Motors Garage of the Year

– Matt & Clare Allsopp

Congratulations to all the winners!

  • 7 years ago

    Euro car parts as ‘best aftermarket car parts supplier’ ?

    Biggest more like

    Ask around in the trade if they’re the best supplier of aftermarket parts, I’m confident that the answer from a lot of garages would be less than positive.

    Hmmmm, only the largest parts sellers get nominated, I’ve never even heard of this event and neither have a couple of similar sellers.

    Last time I looked they had only 99.6% positive, not great compared to companies like mine, but then we do one tenth of the turnover so it’s no surprise that they get the vote.

    It is frustrating that the people who spend the most money with eBay get the most exposure.


  • tinker
    7 years ago

    lets be honest mike brewer is not lewis hamilton or Clarkson this is just a Britain in bloom award of wheels

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