Connecting Royal Mail DMO with ecommerce solutions

By Chris Dawson June 2, 2014 - 8:35 am

Royal Mail have created a new microsite, showing how easy it is to despatch shipments with them. They say that it’s easier than ever to do business with Royal Mail and that they’ve developed a range of despatch solutions that connect with your existing systems.

To encourage you to visit the site there’s also the chance to win a Five Star weekend away in Nice by filling out a short questionnaire on your shipping patterns.

I was also pleased to spot a video case study about my mate John Pemberton on Although there are many multichannel systems which connect with Royal Mail, John has become a bit of a Linnworks Guru and is now an expert at setting up Linnworks and getting it connected to Royal Mail Despatch Manager Online. Here’s the video of him talking about Royal Mail and if you want to find out more you can connect with John through his entry on the Tamebay Guide website.

  • A+
    3 years ago

    I love Royal Mail! Such a great brand. Most of our customers are impressed with how quick they receive their orders. Often next day even for 2nd class deliveries

    We’re using OBA. Anyone can explain to me the difference between OBA and DMO and the advantages/disadvantages of each system?

    Is 24/48 cheaper than 1st class/2nd class?

  • Somewhat cynical
    3 years ago

    It took Royal Mail a very long time to bring DMO up to standard. Initially, it was a remarkable step back from the Despatch Express software it was supposed to replace and made life a nightmare for companies looking to integrate with it. Indeed, initially it didn’t even offer direct feeds, and tracking numbers were painfully slow to be returned (in the case of some services like Special Delivery we received the tracking numbers after the parcel had been delivered!). It took Royal Mail 6 months to fix a lot of these problems with their ‘on demand’ feature, a little too late if you ask me.

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