Bamford Trading featured in the Telegraph

By Chris Dawson June 23, 2014 - 8:47 am

Bamford TradingJill and John Hewitt of Bamford Trading were featured in the Telegraph Money section this week. The article spoke about over 50’s setting up successful online businesses and having personally bought from Bamford Trading on eBay in the past I’m happy to say they run a fantastically customer friendly operation as well as being an eBay success story.

Starting with just £2000, they’ve now turned over more than £5million and 80% of their business is still on eBay.

Gill and John Hewitt Bamford TradingOf course as well as eBay the couple also sell on Amazon and have their own website – They focus on tools and hardware, everything you’d need for DIY and gardening jobs around the house and everything comes with free delivery.

There are also some solid practical tips from the Hewitts, so if you’re thinking of starting up your own ecommerce enterprise make sure you read their advice (especially as one of the tips is to read Tamebay!).

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