5 Reasons to sell on New Zealand’s Trade Me

By Chris Dawson June 17, 2014 - 11:09 am

When Dan wrote about the opportunities in New Zealand earlier this month it generated quite a few questions about Trade Me, the leading marketplace in New Zealand.

A webinar by ChannelAdvisor also generated quite a few questions and ChannelAdvisor have just put up a blog post with further information, covering:

Trade Me1. Why sell on Trade Me?
2. Can international sellers list on Trade Me?
3. Does Trade Me partner with a fulfilment service?
4. How can retailers increase their visibility?
and 5. What products will perform well on Trade Me?

In brief the answers are 1) That’s where New Zealanders shop, 2) Yes, 3) No, but ChannelAdvisor have some suggestions, 4) It’s different to eBay, it’s about titles and 5) Branded goods especially in fashion and accessories, health and beauty, sports, and home and living categories.

Read the full ChannelAdvisor blog post for more information if you’re interested in targeting New Zealand and using Trade Me as a marketplace.

  • Peter M
    4 years ago

    You can only register to sell on Trade-Me if you are a resident of NZ or Australia !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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