200 free listings for selected sellers

By Chris Dawson June 28, 2014 - 2:11 pm

200 free listingsThere’s another free listing promotion this weekend and again it’s for specially selected private sellers only.

The deal is for up to 200 free listings between Saturday the 28th and Tuesday the 1st of July (so four days instead of the normal 2). It covers both auction-style and fixed price formats so if you’re one of the lucky ones you’ve got several days to get listing.

Apart from needing an invite, it’s pretty much the normal terms and conditions and are on eBay.

  • Toadlady
    4 years ago

    No invite on any of my 3 private IDs.
    Nor did I get any of the vouchers or free Nectar points on any accounts.
    I guess eBay really don’t love me any more. 🙁

  • Toby
    4 years ago

    Got the invite on my Private buying ID, although the £20/£75 voucher would have been better

  • Alex
    4 years ago

    Free listing promotions should be stopped.

    Unfortunately they encourage people to list whatever crap they have in the attic, garage, under the stairs, bed, etc… and fills the site with garbage. Loads of which never sells but then when something does sell its ofton just for a minimum opening bid – typically 99p!!

    The fact is these people are skinflints living in hope. They know it probably won’t sell or if it does then it will be for just a few pence. This is why they want to avoid listing fees. Lets face it, if you think your item is actually worth something and it will sell then you would have no issue paying a listing fee, which is only a few pence anyway.

    These promotions clutter the site with garbage and should be stopped.

    • 4 years ago

      Ebay was built on the very users you complain about.I have free listings on my private account and i shall use them to sell stock that is slow moving in my store, so buyers get a lower rate and i get some space…its a win win and i for one will not complain

    • Alex
      4 years ago

      Thank you. That is exactly my point. You reserve these items of “stock” for when you can save on listing fees because you know they probably won’t sell. If you thought they would sell then you would gladly pay the listing fee, which is only a few pence anyway!

      I too have loads of crap “stock”. Personally, I can not be bothered in the effort required to maybe sell something for 99p. I don’t even need a promotion, my shop subscription gives me more free listings each month than I require, and I still don’t bother offering this “stock”. Personally it either goes on the wall outside for people to take (nothing is ever left) or in the bin.

      Free listing promotions clutter the site with garbage and thats not a win – win. These promotions only help hopeful cheapscates and should be stopped. Ask yourself this: Would you list this crap on Amazon?

    • 4 years ago

      More to the point one shouldn’t be selling one’s “stock” (crap or otherwise, it implies you are a business) on a private seller account with or without a listing promotion.

      It’s against the law and deprives consumers of their rights. As Alex points out get a shop and free listings all the time – why wait for a free listing promotion anyway? Bizarre!

    • Alex
      4 years ago

      Thats a very good point. I see loads of obvious “professional sellers” trading as private.

      eBay made me change my account to Business Beller the second I bought something to sell (aka flip). That was about 5 years ago and happened after only 2 months of active trading – pretty quick IMO. For some reason they don’t seem to enforce this rule as stongly these days and its unfair as Private Sellers do not need to comply with Distance Selling Regulations (now known as Consumer Contracts Legislation) so it really just opens the door to bad sellers selling garbage and offering poor service with little comeback.

      Defects and Managed Returns may be eBay’s answer to this issue but that will surely create more issues than it solves. eBay should enforce rules failrly and consistantly. Thats the real solution.

    • Private seller
      4 years ago

      Here is our ebay profile, and I’m not sure it fits neatly into some of the more negative stereotypes I see above.

      We’re a family that lives in London and therefore doesn’t have a lot of space, we have used ebay for 10 years now (and have 2000+ feedback) to sell our items, usually always more than 20 a month, especially as the seasons change. We generally do not list anything lower than £9.95 (not worth the time) and items may not sell within first week, but do eventually sell. We are grateful to clear out the items and get cash, buyer almost always happy (100% feedback) and ebay and paypal get a fee. We usually buy our replacement items on ebay too.

      We use the free listing weekends because it doesn’t make sense for us to incur insertion fees; Gumtree doesn’t make sense (why would start over after earning all that positive feedback?).

      Not sure what harm is being done here.

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