100 Free listings this weekend for private sellers

By Chris Dawson June 12, 2014 - 9:21 pm

FLDFree listing promotions are back and thanks to sharp eyed Tamebay reader Rebecca who gave us the heads up we can give you plenty of notice.

This weekend you can list up to 100 listings in an eligible category which can be either auction-style or fixed price format.

To qualify you need to be an registered private seller and your account in good standing. The promotional period is Saturday the 14th and Sunday the 15th.

Check the for full details.

  • Alex
    3 years ago

    Here we go, rise of the 99p cheapscate merchants!! If its free i’ll list every bit of crap I can find……

  • weeze
    3 years ago

    Must of beeen a naughty girl, despite above standard account in the green zone, seems like I’m not included.

    • radroach
      3 years ago

      Invitation emails often don’t go out till overnight Friday – no guarantees of course, but there is time yet to get one

    • Mac
      3 years ago

      07:47 Saturday – no `invites` to either of my private seller accounts!

    • radroach
      3 years ago

      It’s not universal – a quick survey of a small sample of contacts reveals that six from nine have had an invite.

    • 3 years ago

      I have not specific email invitation but at the side of My ebay there is a flashing box telling me that 100 additional free listings. So I tried to list one new item and it was accepted. So far I have listed about 50 items. About half are totally new never been listed before and the other half are from unsold.

      Why oh Why does it have to take so long to list a new item. It is a long and very labour intensive task not made any easier by ebay wiping two or three just before I had completed the listing leaving me to go back to the beginning and starting again.

      Also I had one where I keyed in the ISBN and up came the technicals with a photo. I went through the listing procedure only to find that the completed listing still has the technicals but somewhere in the middle the photo has disappeared. How does that work. Its an ebay stock photo.

      My suggestion would be to ignore any ebay invitation. Nice if you get one. But instead just try to list an item. If you are charged for listing well you probably would have ended up paying anyway(although if you still have any of your 20 Free per month left it might complicate the situation). However if you list for free then carry on listing. If you get to the end of your 20 Free per month and it continues to list for free then you have the 100 to go.

      After all it would be a shame to sit there watching the Test Match(there does not seem to be anything else worth watching) waiting for the invitation email to turn up and miss using the 100 over the weekend that were waiting on ebay for you to use.

  • paddy
    3 years ago

    Great timing!!! I just used up my allowance of 20 free listings last night. Now all the stuff will be drowned in amongst all the free listings………

  • chrissieboy
    3 years ago

    How about FREE Business shop subs for a month by way of an apology by ebay for the last few weeks shocking shop sales levels due to password fiasco/data theft leading to many buyers being locked out of accounts or just apathetic towards ebay. What are we paying our shop subs for? Global exposure? i don’t think so. Global marketplace? yeah right! And i am not even going to mention search glitches. Come on ebay, we want an apology that matters, in the pocket by way of free shop listings not the lame scraps offered so far.

  • JT
    3 years ago

    Spent 15 mins ton a call to eBay customer services, for them to tell me that there must have been a fault that I wasn’t invited for the promo weekend and they hope that everything will be sorted out for the next time.

    Make of that what you will…

  • John
    3 years ago

    Have to agree with some of the above comments, looking through the several categories I look at to buy stock from there seems to be page after page of junk that
    you would be lucky to sell at a carboot sale for 50p.

    Why does Ebay think this is a good idea, everyone uses it to list the junk they didnt sell last time round that they dont want to pay a listing fee for or any rubbish they have laying around in the house that they might get a pound for.

    • chrissieboy
      3 years ago

      valid point John, however items do often sell 2nd/3rd time round due to geographical exposure/defective search/holiday time/time of month/buyers locked out of accounts due to password fiasco etc etc. Many buyers just don’t see the item first time round

    • 3 years ago

      I wonder how many Buyers on ebay actually go onto ebay every day? Or indeed every week? or perhaps every Month?

      After all in our present busy lives going onto ebay is just one of the many things that demand our time. So it might be that the First time a particular item is listed it may be that the person who ends up buying it might not have been on ebay at all to see it.

      Then of course when they were on ebay were they looking for a specific item, say a Car or Car Spares, and did not have time to go browsing on other categories. Then another time that they were on ebay maybe they had more time to spend and browsed on different categories and then saw the item listed.

      In the past on Tamebay we have had comments that if it did not sell First time it is obviously rubbish that should be dumped in landfill. While in fact it was just waiting for the right buyer to see it and buy it. This could be the First time it was listed or the Third or indeed the or 5th or even 27th.

      We have also seen comments about items being over priced. That is obviously a major problem. If there are 5 nominally identical items listed we can expect a range of different prices from the 99p where the seller expects a competitive biding process to arrive at a fair price to the seller who values the same item at sat £50 and will hold on for ever in the hope of getting that price for it even though the usual price is in the region of £15.

      Bus surely at the end of the day ebay is big enough to cope with all Sellers and hopefully attract all possible Buyers…although we all know that ebay has done much over the years to drive away both Buyers and Sellers.

  • radroach
    3 years ago

    Useful listing offer on the US site of up to 5000 free listings up to June 24th – applies to all sellers as well!

    And you can win a car (though shipping costs would be quite formidable)

    Hopefully business sellers will get some sort of promotion on the UK site soon

    • 3 years ago

      What a magnificent offer. Considering all the problems we have had recently surely a similar offer in the UK would be suitable recompense for all the recent hassle. I am especially interested in the Car. Yes radroach there will be shipping costs and duties to pay if you won the US Prize Car and brought it back to the UK. But if a similar contest was to be run in the UK with say a £50,000 Car as its prize.

      The only thing is 5000 listings in a week. I listed about 100 at the weekend just under half were new and the rest from Unsold. It was taking for ever to list each New item. I am not certain I could list 5,000 New items in a week even working 24 hours a day and while I have a few in Unsold it is nowhere near that number.n So I fear that at the end of the week I would leave a lot of the 5,000 unused.

      But if ebay is reading this posting might I suggest that such an offer would be very welcome. Mid Summers Day(June 21st is rapidly approaching. The longest day. The day the Druids all go to Stonehenge. Surely this is an ideal day on which to start the UK version of this offer.

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