Visualize the size and importance of the eBay Hack

By Dan Wilson May 30, 2014 - 10:01 pm

I’ve long been a fan of Information is Beautiful. It’s a site that helps you understand the web, technology and indeed the world by clever and honest use of data visualisation such as infographics and beautiful charts.

This week they published something about corprorate and government hacks and they’ve included eBay.

I love how you can filter the hacks in terms of size and also significance. One thing I take great heart from here is that whilst the number of files stolen from eBay was huge, the seriousness of the data taken was not comparable, say, to a bank or government hack.

Of course, that may well be cold comfort if the stolen data comes to be used in nefarious ways in the future.

Have a play around. It’s neat.

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