Tamebay 2014 Ecommerce Cup Group Draw

By Chris Dawson May 12, 2014 - 1:49 pm

Tamebay CupThe third annual Tamebay Ecommerce Cup football managed by Genie and the Geek will kick off at 3pm Tuesday this week, in Wembley. The cup once again kindly supplied by has arrived and the group stage draw been done.

I’m hearing that the teams have been putting in some serious practise this year, so much so that some didn’t even have their final line up last week as they weren’t going to decide until their final practise sessions over the weekend. It’s hotting up to be a fierce battle again.

Genie and the Geek are hoping to reclaim the trophy which they first won in 2012, but which was carried away in triumph by Wholesale Clearance last year. Who will win through this year and take the trophy home?

This year the group stages have been picked out of a turban and are as follows:

Tamebay Ecommerce Cup Group Stages
eBay eSellerPro Barclay Card Fireworks Merchant
Genie and the Geek ChannelAdvisor Qubit Zoocha
Flubit Linnworks Parcel Station Net Despatch
Just Giving ChannelGrabber Wholesale Clearance Iwoca

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