New Release of SellerExpress

By Chris Dawson May 23, 2014 - 10:28 am

SellerExpressSellerExpress have just released the first of promised upgrades which includes new infrastructure as well as cosmetic improvements for their users.

New cloud hosting infrastructure on Azure Cloud has given the ability to bring faster marketplace schedules to order downloads, inventory updates etc. It means everything happens faster and couple with a new User Interface to render and display information faster you should notice a much slicker product.

The left-hand menu system has been completely removed and a new header navigation system put in place which tests show a 90% speed increase in site navigation, but the biggest gain has been the creation of a lot more space giving the full width of your browser window for the information you need.
There’s a new dashboard revamped from the ground up based it upon users’ feedback and what multichannel sellers wanted to see at a glance and new alerts and messaging along with a new colour scheme, icon and font updates giving SellerExpress a more modern look and feel.

This is just the start of SellerExpress upgrades planned for 2014, and you can read the full details on the SellerExpress blog. If you’re looking for a new multichannel solution you can also sign up for a free 15 day trial to road test the solution yourself.

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