IWOCA Leeds Online Seller Meet-up – 19/6/2014

By Dan Wilson May 13, 2014 - 9:29 am

Iwoca have announced the latest in their ongoing series of highly successful and convivial meet-ups. And in June they’re heading to God’s own county Yorkshire and the great city of Leeds.

As ever, there will be drinks and nibbles to kick things off followed by some talks and panel discusssions. The value of these events is always in the Q&A and the networking. You’ll meet like-minded folk doing similar things to you and also people from the industry with useful insights. There are always drinks and nibbles too.

This time IWOCA will be hitting The Midnight Bell on Water Lane from 6pm. Find out the full details and register here. Drinks and nibbles start at 6pm.

So far speakers include me (Dan Wilson), Willem Rowies from Webinterpret, someone TBA from SagePay and others to be announced. It’s bound to be a good evening and I hope to see you there. There will be drinks and nibbles. Did I mention that?

And if anyone knows where we can get a cracking curry afterwards, I’d be pleased to know. :o)

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