Google buys Rangespan as it bolsters its ecommerce play

By Dan Wilson May 5, 2014 - 11:54 pm

It was reported late last week that Google will be buying big data ecommerce company Rangespan in what’s seen as another clear play to bolster its ecommerce offering.

Rangespan will be wound down and its services spun into Google. Indeed, the Rangespan website now just reads: “Important Announcement: Rangespan Joins Google

We are very happy to announce that Rangespan is joining Google. We will continue to work on services for shoppers and retailers at Google, and we’re super excited about the opportunities to come.

As part of the change, we will wind down Rangespan’s services. We’ve already begun working individually with each of our retailers and suppliers on this process.”

So, casting the runes, what’s this about? It remains one of the great ecommerce mysteries as to why Google doesn’t own ecommerce already. I know many sellers would welcome a Google-led eBay or Amazon killer.

This acquisition, and we don’t know how much was paid, is about pepping up Google Shopping and may well be about attracting bigger retailers. Techcrunch offers salient analysis as ever.

  • RangespanSupplier
    3 years ago

    Spare a thought for the hundreds of suppliers that helped Rangespan build this business who where not even worthy of an email or phone call to tell them, thanks but now that we have our pay out we will be closing down this sales stream for you.

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