Etsy Meet-up and Craft Party, Brighton 6/6/14

By Dan Wilson May 29, 2014 - 11:32 pm

There’s an event especially taking place for Etsy and crafty types in Brighton next week called the Etsy Craft Party.

The blurb says: “The Craft Party is a celebration of meeting and making, of creativity and community. The aim is to get people interested and excited in craft and handmade items; it’s an opportunity to pick up a new skill, meet likeminded individuals most importantly have fun! This year the Brighton Etsy Team are hosting their second Craft Party event which will be taking place on Friday 6th June at The Clarendon Centre, 47 New England Street, Brighton.

This is a fantastic venue as its size means it’s big enough for everyone to attend – and bring their friends too – with room for all of the crafty activities and more that we have planned!”

It looks like the event will be a lot of fun and an ideal opportunity to meet up with fellow crafters and also Etsy enthusiasts from across the south east. The venue is dead handy for Brighton station (because don’t forget that Brighton is hugely expensive to park in these days thanks to the Green council).

It costs a fiver and you can book a place here.

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