eBay UK: “deanonymised DSRs” are starting to trickle through

By Dan Wilson May 16, 2014 - 1:04 pm

Some eBay UK sellers have reported seeing the firs of the “deanonymised” DSRs in their Seller Dashboard. We wrote about it late last month.

In short, all transactions made after the 27th April will now not be subject to secret DSRs. You’ll see exactly who left you what score for every transaction.

One question to which the answer remains unclear is how long the download report of the full dashboard data takes to refresh. To be honest, in an ideal world, it should be real time and up to date. But we could settle for updated daily (it’s 2014!) or weekly at a pinch. But there definitely seems to be a lag longer than that right now.

One Tamebay correspondent reports that her DSR Dashboard download has just updated and the most recent transactions in it are only up to the 8th of the month. Previously they were valid to the 28th April. So who knows what the deal is there.

How are your “deanonymised” DSRs looking and will you be acting on the new information you have.

  • northumbrian
    7 years ago

    we will block any buyer who posts a one or a two , we consider that is equally detrimental as a negative comment if not worse

    • Gary
      7 years ago

      A reminder that any buyer who leaves less than a four for INAD will result in a seller defect. I’ve had 3 of these in the last 12 months and have no idea why as in all other respects comments have been positive. Deanonimisation going forward will help to spot the rogue buyers or buyers who may simply be lazy with their mouse or finger if feeding back on mobile not realising how serious any slip up resulting in feedback error can be for them as buyers!

  • 7 years ago

    I would love to see an example of the Seller Dashboard, with De-anonymized DSR’s.

    WHERE will it show the DSR’s?

    Can anyone provide a photo?

  • Gemma
    7 years ago

    No anonymised DSRs showing up on ours yet BUT the defects showing on our report include transactions from January and February and these are being counted in our defect rate. I thought the defect rate was calculated on the three monthly evaluation cycle? I may be wrong, but if all defects this year are being incorrectly included in the current evaluation preview, this may account in the dramatic drop in status some accounts are experiencing, particularly as this includes post Christmas issues…

  • Gary
    7 years ago

    Any buyer who leaves low DSRs needs to be blocked. They will be persistent offenders. Is there a forum or website that “outs” buyers who post low DSRs?

    Isn’t it sad that Ebay have driven sellers to such thoughts by their practices?

    • Mark
      7 years ago

      It would be easy for ebay to display the buyers average ratings next to the rating awarded for the transaction.

      Even better would be for ebay to weight the impact of scores based on the seller’s previous ratings (a low score from a buyer who usually awards high scores would be considered worse than a low score from a buyer who usually awards low scores).

    • cackonmyleg
      7 years ago

      Spot on. Good faith cuts both ways. Buyer acts in bad faith, buyer can go elsewhere. Blocked. Tada. Guarantee in a months time you get the “hey, why did you block me” rubbish when they realise that good service and reliable listings are worth their weight in gold. But sorry buddy the buyer isn’t always right, they just get tolerated if they are worth it to a seller. Only my regular, volume buyers get to slap me in the face whilst i shine their shoes……

  • northumbrian
    7 years ago

    we have one of those 1/2/3 defect thingys for description,
    for an item we sold as damaged and needing repair we were brutal with the description we could not possibly have been more negative about it,
    could it be it was better than described , that is why we got the defect in description LOL
    though what is more likely the silly sod did not read the description

  • Broono
    7 years ago

    We have received a low DSR score for item not as described from 3 individual buyers who each left positive feedback. When contacted to ask why a low score left responses were
    “I was happy with your item it might be mistake then. Send me the revise request will change it sorry to do that.”

    “I apologise, if that is the case, then it was an typo error. I am very happy with the product and the service that you have provided and the feedback does recommend you and is positive ”

    Still awaiting response from 3rd buyer.

    So human error but no chance of defect removal.
    I think it is time to enforce Marshall Law on eBay, and take control of the patronizing numpties and the Defect brigade.

  • Gemma
    7 years ago

    Just spotted my first deanonymised Low DSR for “Item Not As Described” on the new reports so thought I’d have a look at the transaction and corresponding feedback: “quick delivery…wish i had read description my fault it’s small”. Doesn’t matter what they say, according to eBay it’s still our fault.

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