eBay UK Cross Border Trade webinar 20/5/14

By Dan Wilson May 11, 2014 - 3:22 pm

eBay UK will be hosting a webinar on the 20th May that explores how best to manage your international sales and listings.

You can find full details and register for the event on this webpage.

The blurb on that page describes the session thus: “When using advanced international selling to list on eBay’s European sites, you need to create new listings for each item in the buyer’s native language.

Find out how to upload your translated international listings, how to use the ‘Sell Your Item’ form on other eBay websites and set up your listings for international success.”

This is a doubtless part of eBay’s current drive to boost cross border trade with the International Trading Acceleration programme that offers selected sellers free listings on international eBay sites.

  • northumbrian
    3 years ago

    maybe ebay could encourage cross border trade by adding 10% to the shipping fee??..

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