eBay is “actively considering” accepting BitCoin as a payment method

By Dan Wilson May 21, 2014 - 1:16 am

According to eBay CEO John Donohoe, eBay is “actively considering” incorporating BitCoin into the marketplace as payment method. It all depends on PayPal, apparently.

He is reported to have said at the end of the recent earnings conference call with Wall St. Analysts, when asked about eBay’s plan: “We think Bitcoin will play a very important role in the future. Exactly how that plays out, and how we can best take advantage of it and enable it with PayPal, that’s something we’re actively considering.”

There would be all sorts of concerns about how eBay could accept the cryptocurrency on eBay. But as we reported earlier in the year, already accepts it and has seen some keen results. And PayPal head honcho David Marcus is on the record as enthusiastic about how it could tie in to PayPal.

And of course, eBay began allowing the trade of BitCoin on eBay UK earlier in the year with a special classifieds section. now allows such transactions too.

Eccommerce enabler shopify also allows the use of Bitcoin as a payemnt method for online traders.

So, all in all, we’re hearing some pointed noises coming out of eBay regarding Bitcoin but it’s not exactly clear how this might best serve the community as a whole. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

  • BonusB
    3 years ago

    It’s not just about Bitcoin.

    Dogecoin is the less serious, fun side to Crypto-currencies. Used mainly as a tipping currency on twitter and reddit, it’s growing fast.

    “To the Moon” as Ðogecoin users say!

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