Crotch shots could help online sellers make a packet

By Dan Wilson May 13, 2014 - 5:44 pm

We get some special emails at Tamebay. But this one is a bit of a winner so I thought I had to share it.

Apparently, including an image of a male crotch in your marketing and product listings can dramatically improve the extent to which they are shared on social media. You can read the full release online here.

image say in their press release:

“While promoting its products on Facebook and Twitter, online clothier discovered something fascinating: Time and again, close-up shots of male crotches came up victorious, by a sizable margin.”

Astonishingly: “The numbers don’t lie. On Facebook, Betabrand experienced:
– 64% more engagement (shares, likes, follows)
– 28K free site visits as a result of shares
– 60% more on-site email sign-ups
– 30% more clicks to the dollar
– 20% more purchases”


Similarly dramatic uplifts were seen on Twitter to according to the firm:

“Crotch Commerce proved equally effective on Twitter:

– 4X the purchases
– 1.5X the number of retweets
– 78% more followers as a result of tweets
– 67% more followers

According to Betabrand Founder Chris Lindland, “For better or worse, it’s a brave new world of advertising, where clicks guide a brand’s identity. For now, ours appears to be squarely focused below the belt.”

image must be saluted for a brave PR stunt. But alas, we suspect that their theory is a load of balls.

  • Alex
    3 years ago

    Anything is worth a try. I sell mobile phone covers, how many crotch shots do you think I get into my pics?

    • ussy
      3 years ago

      Do you show how they fit into jean pockets?

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