Check out the Esellermedia ebooks for sellers

By Dan Wilson May 30, 2014 - 5:49 pm

Everyday’s a schoolday and I’ve been uploading some new titles to my kindle for some weekend reading. We’ve mentioned the Esellermedia resources available before but there’s no harm in reminding you about this excellent selection of titles honed to ecommerce sellers.

The great thing about these ebooks is that they are fairly short, punchy and usually serve as a sringboard for me to read more deeply on subjects. As well as providing a useful introductory primer to key concepts.

The various ebooks cover a variety of subjects. Several caught my eye as very relevant at the moment. There’s one on detecting online buyer fraud that I have very briefly dipped into that seems very good.

There’s also one on SEO and plenty on marketing related subjects. And the several titles about analytics and measurements strike me as especially salient.

Anyway, do check them out.

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