Add an item to your Amazon shopping cart from Twitter #amazonbasket

By Dan Wilson May 5, 2014 - 11:41 pm

Amazon has launched a nifty little feature meaning you can add Amazon items to your shopping basket directly from Twitter. All you need is a hashtag: #amazoncart stateside or #amazonbasket on British shores.

If you see an Amazon link for a product you like, you tweet that link with the added hashtag #amazonbasket and it will be waiting for you next time you check your Amazon shopping basket. Obviously, you have to link your Amazon and Twitter accounts but that is the work of mere moments.

This Amazon video explains the new system:

It has been reported that Twitter doesn’t get a kickback when it generates such a lead (more fool them). But Amazon have commented: “We are certainly open to working with other social networks. Twitter in particular offers a great environment for our customers to discover product recommendations from artists, experts, brands and friends.”

I just really like this. I can’t see it moving the dial much but it is a simple and elegant way for people on the go, browsing Twitter on their smartphones, to shop later.

And it encourages people to tweet about Amazon. You’ve got to wonder why eBay haven’t done something similar already. Not least because a very similar service has been available in China for some time already.

  • 4 years ago

    Nice tool.

    I can foresee Amazon rolling out Payment with 1-click-checkout from tweets. Is it going to be in 2014 ?

  • peter stanley
    4 years ago

    At the moment Twitter doesn’t get any kickback for it but you can bet that if it is proved successful they will be negotiating hard with Amazon and other retailers.

  • 4 years ago

    I think you’re both right. This is just the start of something.

  • 4 years ago

    And the whole world can see your purchases…

    • Hereford United fan
      4 years ago

      Can’t see it working for sellers of sex toys!

  • mw
    4 years ago

    This smacks of Amazon focussing of expanding the marketplace and make it easier for shoppers to buy, whilst ebay are looking the other way and not innovating the experience, just focussing on winding up their customers and stuffing their already full off-shore tax haven bank accounts. The ebay innovations management team need sacking for not having enough imagination to build the ebay business in a positive way!

  • John
    3 years ago

    Sounds like a smart idea to me. What a pity Ebay couldnt come up with something similar but as normally they just seem intent on irritating their sellers and making them leave the site rather than being innovative and trying to help their sellers make sales.

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