PayPal UK eliminate fees on person-to-person payments funded by debit card

By Dan Wilson April 2, 2014 - 3:35 pm

PayPal will be changing their charges for family and friends payments this month.

As it stands, when you’ve made a personal payment to someone you know, there have been no fees for payments made from a PayPal balance but fees for payments funded by a debit or credit card.

The change means that only personal payments funded by credit cards will still attract charges. Debit card funded payments will be free. The change will come into effect this month.

So whilst this isn’t of direct benefit to anyone running an online business, it is quite interesting and shows that PayPal wants to remove all the barriers to their various apps and services becoming universal.

I do use this service quite a lot as I usually have a positive balance. In fact only last week I buzzed my share of the bill for dinner to a friend via PayPal. And I guess it’s these sort of situations that PayPal wants to see more of.

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