Online Seller Wales event – Newport, 30th April

By Dan Wilson April 8, 2014 - 4:26 pm

Online Seller Wales will be holding another of their highly successful meet-ups in Newport on the 30th April. For full details and to book a place, visit the official site.

Not only is there the chance to meet fellow sellers and network but there will also be several talks on the night:

Grow your International Sales on eBay and Amazon
Online spending is growing worldwide. Selling internationally will help UK businesses from these growth rates and prepare for the future. Selling internationally with eBay and Amazon is much easier than setting up your own international online shop. This talk is all about reaching millions of potential customers outside the UK within a short period of time with Willem Rowies from Webinterpret.

Creating Email Campaigns with Mailchimp
This is a practical seminar to introduce Mailchimp, free email marketing software. This talk will take you through the basics & empower you to start using Mailchimp for your business immediately and Grow online. Speaker: Prabhat Shah

Creating a Digital Marketing Plan for Your Business
A website is an essential part of your online marketing effort, but it does not exist in a vacuum. In this talk, Joel from digital agency Hinkford’s will discuss how your website should sit in a broader context and he will map out how that landscape could look, how it should operate and what should be measured.

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