Neat new tool for ecommerce photography: My Measure Mate

By Dan Wilson April 23, 2014 - 4:24 pm

Every now and again something simple and clever catches your eye. It’s a rather more elegant equivalent of photgraphing your items with a pound coin or ruler in the shop for comparison.

Meet My Measure Mate and it’s fairly straightforward. It’s just a sheet on which you can disply the items you’re selling to give an accurate impression of the size of the item for sale. You can offer the measurements in both imperial and metric. The durable sheet can be flipped over and used as a plain white background too.

Obviously not for everyone but I can see this being a very handy utility for lots of sellers. In fact, I’m fairly tempted to get one myself.

  • 4 years ago

    Thank you for the great review. Isobel and Lisa – My Measure Mate. Please find out more here

    • Dom
      4 years ago

      £6 delivery charge – u avin a laf?

  • Isobel
    4 years ago

    Hi Dom, afraid we are not. The item is made from a high quality material that will roll flat even when rolled in a cupboard for months. It weighs 2.1kg and is a metre long. How much would you pay to have a rug delivered as it is similar dimension and weight?

  • tinker
    4 years ago

    the big problem is we need buyers to actually look at pictures and understand measurements ,

  • davelovesebay
    4 years ago

    This is good idea. Even if one out of your other photos is on measuremate it makes sense.

    Wish the white area was bigger thou on sides for better images thou.

  • Dan
    4 years ago

    a good idea, till china get hold of it!!

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