Is there a glitch with eBay UK shops?

By Dan Wilson April 6, 2014 - 11:31 pm

It might be worth checking that all is well with your eBay Shop. Today we’ve had several reports from sellers who are having problems. Have you?

Firstly, the subscription level of the correspondents’ Shops has been raised from Basic to Featured without the sellers’ knowledge and billed accordingly. eBay have reportedly accepted that this is a glitch and are remedying the issue although at time of writing it hasn’t been resolved.

Secondly, the incorrect fees have been charged on some listings. The sellers say that they are not getting the discounted fees expected.

Are you a Shop seller who has been experiencing similar problems? If so, it would be good to hear from you. In any case (as I am sure diligent sellers do this on a regular basis), it might be a good opportunity to double-check that you too are not being billed too much for your eBay Shop services.

  • JD
    4 years ago

    Ticking ‘in titles & description’ in Shops search box has no effect. So shop search box works on titles only regardless of whether or not the box is ticked.

    This has been the case since at least 25th March.

    eBay has done nothing to fix this.

    • N.
      4 years ago

      We’ve also reported this couple of weeks ago to merchant support and not had much of an update, we rely on description searches heavily and link to them in all our searches but not had much responce. Have you had any feedback?

  • joseph
    4 years ago

    My shop subscription was cancelled automatically & got a message from ebay saying
    “We’re sorry that you’ve decided to cancel your subscription to eBay Selling Manager.

    If you reconsider and wish to renew your subscription, you may do so by going to and clicking on My eBay. After signing in, click the “Subscriptions” link under Account. From there you can subscribe to Selling Manager or any other subscription-based tool.”
    I have called the CS and they assured that it will be sorted ASAP (that was on 2nd April) as on 7th the issue is still not sorted

  • Matt
    4 years ago

    Our shop subscription has been cancelled, but we have had no notification from ebay- only found out when trying to list GTC items through Linnworks. This issue started around a week ago, and we contacted ebay on Friday when we worked out what was going on- we thought it may have been a Linnworks issue.
    Apparently the subscription is still active, but you wouldn’t know that. Customers cannot see it and we don’t have access to any of the shop admin functions.

    Customer support has been unhelpful to say the least, there’s no expected resolution time and the attitude is “we don’t provide any guarantees, we might fix it eventually”

    We were planning on rolling out another couple of stores in addition to our main sales channel, but that’s unlikely to happen now!

  • Gemma
    4 years ago

    I don’t think the search issue is fixed. Apparently £16.99 + £0.99 is more than £17.99 when sorted by Price+P&P lowest first…

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