Digital image DIY masterclasses from Remove the Background

By Dan Wilson April 15, 2014 - 3:01 pm

Over the past week of so, ecommerce image specialists Remove the background have been publishing a series of 3 blog posts that look at different aspects of digital photography when used used for selling online. They’re well worth a read.

The first post looks at how to create your own very simple home photographic studio and examines the components you will need. It’s a swanky set up and the chances are you won’t need to creat something as sophisticated but rather just utilize several aspects of the set up.

The second post is about the settings on your digital camera. If you’ve ever wondered about any of the settings or symbols on your camera, this will demystify them.

Post number 3 concentrates on editing techniques to help you optimize the image you have taken. Such things as retouching and color enhancement are explored. It’s a very detailed post.

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