You can soon bag a .london domain

By Dan Wilson March 21, 2014 - 1:27 am

The rolling out of new domain suffixes continues and one of interest caught my idea today, that will be of interest to businesses located in Great Britain’s capital city. From April 29th, you can get your grubby mitts on a .london domain.

Alex Kinchin-Smith, Director of dot London says of the change: “London is one of the best cities on earth and is the powerhouse of the UK economy. It is a city that welcomes and nurtures enterprise; providing great new opportunities for businesses and individuals alike, within a changing technology environment. Dot London will appeal to those that want to show their pride in being part of our great city.

London is a centre for innovation. We want the new London domain name to serve as a platform for digital innovation. It will be the creativity and dynamism of entrepreneurs across the capital that will drive the success of the domain – using it to deliver exciting new products and services that will bring to light everything that is best about London.”

I must confess to having been previously unexcited by the new domain suffixes that have been released but this is kinda cute and really a must have for London based firms who want to plug in fully to the trend for local SEO.

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