Private seller free listing weekend 1-2 March on eBay UK

By Dan Wilson March 1, 2014 - 4:34 am

As we reported yesterday, some invited business sellers can list up to 50k items next week in an eBay UK pricing promo starting on Monday.

And private sellers shouldn’t despair – there is a seller promo for those who want to try a clear out too. This Saturday and Sunday they can list up to 100 auctions starting at a quid and above for free.

It is not clear whether this promo is again invitation only. So check it out with a test listing before going crazy.

The promo page is here. And it says:

“Create up to 100 listing(s) with a starting price of £1 or more in an eligible category during the promotion period using the auction-style format and you won’t pay an insertion fee for each listing during the promotion period.

Feature fees and final value fees will still apply. The number of listings eligible under this promotion may be less where seller restrictions apply.”

  • Mac
    4 years ago

    ..seems like the Private Seller promo is invite only…

    Who is eligible? registered private sellers who have been invited to participate and are not below-standard sellers or otherwise restricted from selling. Participation is linked to the seller’s account and is not transferable. Sellers must be registered as a resident in the UK.

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