Google should buy eBay Inc. – Rumours

By Dan Wilson March 19, 2014 - 4:37 pm

There’s a touch of ecommerce fever stateside especially when it comes to the heady world of corporate politics. Firstly, Carl Icahn’s attempts to spin off PayPal from eBay Inc., and appoint two of his own placement to the eBay board, continue apace with the exchanges becoming increasingly bullish on both sides.

In the background there is considerable excitement about Alibaba’s IPO in the US. Not only will this generate hard US currency for the Chinese company but it will generate a fair chunk of wedge for Yahoo too, which holds a chunk of stock in Alibaba.

And another rumour has surfaced, fuelled by the general opinion that eBay Inc. is valued at less than the sum of its parts. One WEall Street analyst has suggested that eBay Inc. would be a good match and acquisition by Google.

It’s in this video from Colin Sebastien on CNBC.

He says: “While we see potential benefits for PayPal operating independently, this scenario could prove very challenging for eBay, and as an alternative, a combination with Google could be a “best of both worlds” opportunity. Together with eBay/PayPal, Google would be in a much stronger position to fend off well-capitalized competitors. Specifically, we note that Larry Page has shown that he is open to large deals, and both companies would likely be stronger together in the significant technology and user arms race unfolding with Amazon, Apple and Facebook.”

  • Alex
    4 years ago

    OMG, more rumours and stupidity.

    Ichan talks corporate babble and so does Donahue – neither ever mention members (aka buyers and sellers to the rest of us) only shareholders.

    Question: What “parts” do eBay have? Screwing everyone all the way? Ohhh, of course, it all about “giving the users a good buying experience”.

    eBay & PayPal connected with Google? I don’t see a natural link except corporate profit so why not buy Apple as well?

    Everything to do with eBay and PayPal is becoming crazy. When will the monster rest?

    Let me know when the Leprechauns come!!!

    Meanwhile I’ll take August off when “Managed Returns” start!!!

  • james
    4 years ago

    we’ve built our economy based on rumour and speculation, these people are well aware of this, they are in the business of spreading rumour and causing speculation. whether it emerges to be true or completely fabricated, the initial impact on the stock market is much the same. please dont play along.

  • Mark
    4 years ago

    There’s always a rumour that Google will eat up something. I’ll take it with a pinch of salt. Google hasn’t done much innovation, it has grown by acquisition.

    Whereas Amazon has grown by buying up the opposition (e.g. The Book Depository and Abe) and growing ever larger for 20 years with little profit to show for it.

    Where will it all end? One comapny to rule the world?!

  • Ian
    4 years ago

    If Google buy eBay the search might actually work properly..

    • 4 years ago

      I had a sudden flash of ‘Search’ actually working. I could punch in the actual name of a Book and press search and ….shock…horror actually get the half dozen or so listings of that book instead of the reams of garbage that I get now often with nothing at all to do with the Book and often not even including a single word from the Books title.

      Then I came back to reality…’Search’ ..that is just about totally useless.

  • davelovesebay
    4 years ago

    All shares pay no dividend, says it all really. Its not only sellers that dont like ebay right now !

    eBay are confused. People cant find what they want ??? Yes lets have more free listing weekends !


    52 week range – 761.26 – 1,228.88


    52 week 48.06 – 59.70


    52 week 245.75 – 408.06

    Microsoft (pays dividend 2.79%)

    52 week 27.96 – 40.94

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