eBay UK Seller Release 2014: Odds and ends

By Dan Wilson March 11, 2014 - 3:45 pm

Here’s a selection of other changes that will be of interest, that don’t fit anywhere else. And don’t forget that there will be US and EU changes out there too that you might be interested in.

Changes to duplicate auction-style listings
From May, eBay UK will be removing the limit on the number of duplicate auction-style listings that a seller can list. Sellers will be able to list as many duplicate auction-style listings as they like, but when they receive a bid on one of the duplicate listings, only one will show on eBay at any time.

As soon as a listing receives its first bid or ends it is no longer considered a duplicate and the next auction-style listing for the same item will automatically appear on the site. Nice change. More here.

Changes coming to eBay Motors
Sellers will be able to select up to 3,000 compatible car models when listing in most Vehicle Parts & Accessories categories – increased from the previous 1,000 limit. Also, ebay will be changing the limit from 1,000 to 100 compatible models for ‘other’ categories, encouraging sellers to list in more specific categories. More here.

Picture standards now apply to Good ‘Til Cancelled listings
From May, Good ‘Til Cancelled listings will also need to comply with the picture standards previously announced in 2013 or they won’t automatically renew. More here.

Improvements to third party tools
eBay say they are working in partnership with third-party providers to help sellers manage international sales and become more successful by providing translation into the major European languages. Channel Advisor and Linnworks have already improved their international selling capability by providing translation as well as other services.

New services may include:
• Stock synchronisation.
• Sales reports by country.
• An ability to identify products to list, translate, localise and publish on international sites.
• Translation services covering major European languages and tailored to eBay listing formats.

Eligible customers will be contacted by email with further information.

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