eBay UK: 100 free auctions for invited private sellers 15th – 18th March

By Dan Wilson March 15, 2014 - 5:47 pm

There’s another free listings event this week (and into the start of next week). Invited private sellers can list 100 auctions free if they start at more than a quid.

You can read the Terms and Conditions here.

To see if you’re invited, check both your email inbox and My Messages, for the invite but even if you don’t see an invite have a go. Several people have said to us they haven’t got the invite but have been able to tae advantage of free listings. Boom.

  • 3 years ago

    It appears to be a Free Listing Weekend this weekend March 22nd 23rd. I say appears to be because previously there was a flashing box telling you that it was a Free Listing Weekend. This was missing when I logged in. However I wanted to relist a book and did the necessary not long after midnight and it did not charge me for relisting and only really told me at that stage that it was a Free Listing Weekend.

    So my suggestion would be to try one item to check if is a Free Listing Weekend for you. If it also gives you a nil charge for listing then it is safe to say that it is a Free Listing Weekend.

    Also there is a box that I have just noticed that says that your item can be relisted for free if it does not sell. I have only just noticed this box so I have ticked it. Hopefully it will do the necessary in the future. Apologises if it has been there for ages and I have not noticed it. But I have only just noticed it.

    • 3 years ago

      Another point about this Free Listing Weekend March 22nd/23rd. In previous FLW I have just run through the Books in Unsold. This included 99p items, over £1 items and Buy it Nows with multiple books noted. The 99p items listed Free up to the 100 per month, the over £1 listed free up to the maximum of 100 and usually I just carried on listing until I had listed all. The BIN items I would be charged for. Nice and simple. But I just re.listed a few BIN with multiples noted and it listed them at Nil Listing Charge. So there has been a change because I do not remember this from previously. The problem has been that several of my BIN’s ebay did not like the photo so only a few were relisted and all at Nil. So if you have BIN’s with several copies now is the weekend to get them all listed (subject to your photo being acceptable).

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