Guest post: Amazon variations on a theme

By Glenn February 7, 2014 - 5:25 pm

Glenn is a Tamebay reader and an Amazon seller. here he reflects on the problem of listing variations.

As an Amazon apparel seller I often need to create numerous variations of a product and the combinations of sizes and colours often exceeds 20 or more i.e. a T shirt in Blue, White and Red available in sizes X Small / Small / Medium / Large / X Large.

Regardless of how many sizes are offered one photograph of each colour variation is generally sufficient and any potential buyer can select size and colour from the images and drop down menus.

However recently I have started to notice that many versions of products are being offered on a single product page and that product pages are growing into mini categories.

There are several sellers entering numerous “Variations on a Theme” on a single product page and although not limited to tie sellers I refer to them because they best illustrate the issue.

Ties and Bow Ties come in all sorts of colours, patterns, designs and materials and too many different variations each with its own image clutter the product page.

A potential buyers searching for a “Tartan pattern Tie” may find that the very product they are looking for is hidden within a mix of different ties.

Some sellers of ‘Onesies’ are also using the identifying title of ‘Onesie’ to add variations of animals, stars, stripes, super heroes and just about any variation of a ‘Onesie’ to a single product page.

The problem relates primarily to Amazon where any authorized seller can add variations to an existing product but I can see the practice creeping into eBay. The more sales a product has then the higher its relevancy, but too many variations might just negate the relevancy.

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