CWU and Royal Mail discuss possible historic “charter”

By Dan Wilson February 17, 2014 - 12:41 am

According to reports, negotiations are underway between the CWU and Royal Mail to establish a historic Royal Mail charter that would hopefully improve industrial relations at the now public company and also clearly establish the purpose of Royal Mail in the future.

Dave Ward of the CWU has said: “For me it’s about setting out very clearly what the values and principles are of this company. We want it to demonstrate that we are up for growth, innovation and change but on the basis of the highest possible employment standards and service levels.” That sounds like a fairly reasonable premise from a union boss.

Royal Mail commented: “We are commencing the process of developing a company charter, with the CWU’s input. It will set out the values and principles Royal Mail Group stands for.”

The CWU and Royal Mail bosses have already made agreements on pay and pensions, contracts and maintaining the universal service. The CWU has also agreed to new procedures that will ensure the early use of mediators in local disputes with the hope of preventing strikes.

But Royal Mail itself has not confirmed that the charter will be binding or that it will be referred to shareholders.

Any attempts to prevent unwanted strikes and ensure Royal Mail’s continued survival, and the universal service, with an eye on consumers are welcome. RM remains vital to the ecommerce ecosystem. It will be interesting to see how these negotiations pan out.

  • northumbrian
    4 years ago

    do the job your paid to do to the best of your ability ,
    treat the worker with respect and understanding

    whats so complicated

    • 4 years ago

      It often strikes me that it’s too bad all the people who know best and have the right answers when it comes to running country are too busy selling on eBay.

  • Gerry007
    4 years ago

    According to my local PostmEn, the workers are on a ‘go slow’ so don’t think RM is so sorted…..

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