Multi-million pound Zapp launch planned for the autumn

By Dan Wilson January 20, 2014 - 10:15 am

Last summer we reported on Zapp, a payments service from Vocalink that allows mobile payments. And we haven’t heard owt since then. But now it seems that a launch will be coming later on in the year.

So it looks like they’re taking their time to get things right. That seems sensible and a gala, multi-million pound launch later in the year isn’t that far away. It’s usually better to have a slick execution rather than rushing something out.

Zapp could be a big challenger to the likes of PayPal because of the people behind it. VocaLink, the operator of the UK national payments infrastructure, is owned by a consortium of 18 banks and building societies, including Barclays, RBS, Lloyds, HSBC and Santander.

If you want to check out how Zapp works, here’s a video. I expect we’ll be writing a lot more about things like this in 2014.

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