Monsoon Commerce Acquires CompassIM Warehouse Management System

By Dan Wilson January 7, 2014 - 6:40 am

Last week, Monsoon Commerce announced it has acquired CompassIM from Access Data Systems. CompassIM is a leading warehouse management system (WMS) that provides multi-channel retailers with warehouse operations and fulfillment services. Details of the deal have not been revealed.

Current CompassIM customers include Geodis Wilson, one of the world’s largest freight management companies, and Bachmann Trains, the global leader in model train sales. (And I know we have some model railway enthusiasts reading Tamebay.)

CEO of Monsoon Commerce Jim Cruikshank says: “Our goal at Monsoon Commerce is to provide our community of ecommerce retailers with the most sophisticated, effective solutions possible to improve their operational efficiency and grow their revenue, regardless of where they sell. Acquiring CompassIM supports this objective by offering our multi-channel customers easy access to an affordable, proven, mature solution to easily manage inventory across all channels and warehouses. It’s the perfect addition to our suite of award-winning products. As part of our strategic business plan, we will continue to assess opportunities in eCommerce that expand our product offerings and functionality.”

I’m not sure how many UK sellers use Monsoon (I know of a few) but it would be interesting to hear from any that have a comment on this deal from a practical perspective. It may well not impact UK users at all.

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