EMAIL polls readers on best and worst parcel delivery firms

By Dan Wilson January 2, 2014 - 5:33 pm is polling its massive community of readers about their experiences with parcel delivery firms. If you want to express an opinion, or get something off your chest, it might be a bit of valid therapy.

Check out the poll here and the results of previous votes.

Of course, the quality of any particular courier is reliant on all sorts of things and much will depend on the diligence of your local driver and quite how many parcels they have to get out in a day.

Personally, I’ve found my experiences recently have been marred by either no tracking at all or some which is so vague as to be irrelevant. For instance, one carrier I used updated the online tracking info more than 12 hours behind real time. I already had the goods in my hands before I was advised it was out for delivery.

Also, vague delivery details such as “anytime Tuesday between 7am and 7pm” couldn’t be less useful. Hour long delivery windows texted to you first thing should be the norm in this sector.

  • 4 years ago

    It is interesting that Fed Ex aren’t on the list – or not that I can see anyway. Yet I would have thought they where one of the bigger players in the game.

    I think it is just common knowledge that Yodel are absolutely rubbish, but you know what happens to those at the bottom of lists don’t you ? Yes, the often are the ones that change the most to become a market leader in time.

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