Minor Tweaks to & Shops terms

By Dan Wilson January 7, 2014 - 7:27 pm

Eyes down, look in. eBay have announced some very small tweaks to how Shops subscriptions will work in future that come into effect on 4th February.

Basically if you subscribe, upgrade or downgrade your subscription, that change will be charged on the current terms before changing at the end of the subsequent month.

As the announcement says: “When buying a Shop for the first time you will be committing to purchase for the number of days until the end of the existing month plus the whole of the next month (the “minimum commitment period”).

For example, if you buy a Shop subscription on 20 March you will be purchasing it until the end of April. If you choose to cancel your subscription during the minimum commitment period (e.g. on the 25 March) cancellation will take effect on the 30th April. You will continue to receive the benefits of the Shop until that time.”

The full text of the announcement is here.

  • Exb
    4 years ago

    I personally am fed up of ebay , as a seller and a buyer , i feel neglected .

    I personally have started using , Bivver online auctions . Prices are cheaper , and i have sold a few things as well .

  • boardsurfer
    4 years ago

    “i feel neglected . ”

    I’m sorry, that made me laugh!

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