Amazon UK changes free super saver delivery terms

By Dan Wilson January 8, 2014 - 5:31 pm

Amazon UK has announced that a minimum order price will apply to free super saver delivery. Only orders over £10 will be eligible for free delivery on UK orders fulfilled by Amazon.

The official blurb says: “Our Super Saver Delivery service is changing. From 7th January 2014, all UK orders fulfilled by Amazon, with a total value of at least £10, will qualify for FREE Super Saver Delivery. Previously, the £10 threshold applied to all our product categories except Books, Music, Film & TV, Blu-ray, Software or PC & Video Games.”

You can read all the details on Amazon here.

More evidence, if it were needed, that delivery is a key battleground for Amazon in the search for ecommerce dominance.

  • tulan
    3 years ago

    so before you could buy a single Book, Music, Film & TV, Blu-ray, Software or PC & Video Game for £1 (if it was sold at that price) and it was delivered for free? and from 7th January 2014 that isn’t the case? is this where the Plain English Campaign kicks in? someone correct me if i am wrong

  • Brian Cater
    3 years ago

    Greedy Amazon. I have used Amazon a lot but will not be doing so now. I hope this greedy move results in the loss of a lot of customers.

  • Glenn
    3 years ago

    This is a serious blow for FBA sellers of media items.

    • Jimbo
      3 years ago

      And great for eBay who have forced free p&p.

    • Mr G
      3 years ago

      No such thing as a free lunch, anyone who thinks free post and packaging is not included in the asking price is delusional

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