Tradebox MBO brings company back into founders control

By Chris Dawson December 9, 2013 - 6:26 am

Tradebox featWe’ve long been admirers of Tradebox accounting integration software, which has the ability to pull all of your marketplace and website sales from the various platforms that you trade on and update Sage accounting software saving an enormous amount of time and effort.

Recently the company underwent a management buy out bringing the company back under the control of Stephen Bales and Phil Brookes.

Tradebox received European investment in 2008 to assist in expansion. The plan was always that after five years the investors would withdraw and in the Management Buyout took place and as a massive success story the company is now owned by the founders again.

Since the MBO Tradebox have implemented a number of changes. They’ve recruited new staff to bolster the helpdesk and extended our helpdesk hours. At the same time we have implemented an online support portal which can be accessed via the support link on the website or via

Whilst principally this is a Zendesk ticketing system (sold to them by an existing Tradebox customer who works at Zendesk) it also allows Tradebox to publish support articles, host customer forums and share knowledge and information. They still have telephone support but the ticket system has been really useful in terms of transparency, ownership and management of support issues.

It also allows Tradebox to measure how our customers feel about their support. Over the last 90 day period the support team scored a satisfaction rating of 99%!! The new website also got published this year and theey spent a great deal of time investing in the creation of step by step installation and configuration videos for every marketplace/platform Tradebox links with.

Phil and Steve have also expanded into a 2nd office which we have opened in County Durham. Principally this is the development office where the dev team can work without interruption on changes to the Tradebox program. They will also be looking to move the existing helpdesk office early next year to allow for future expansion and growth.

It’s always great to see a company prospering, especially one that’s grown over the last five years whilst the economy has been faltering. Tradebox is a great solution and they’re also nice people to do business with. If you’re looking to rationalise and automate your accounts I know Stephen and the gang would be happy to talk.

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