Today is the last day for eBay UK Click & Collect

By Dan Wilson December 19, 2013 - 4:07 pm

eBay have revealed that if you’re using their Click & Collect service for delivery, today is the last day to click and buy and ensure delivery up to and including Christmas Eve.

This is the first year ebay has provided a Click & Collect service. Some eBay merchants that have been using the service include Sole Trader and Eurocarparts. You can collect your purchases directly from them in their stores. Up to 50 other merchants (who have not been named) can use 150 Argos High Street stores to collect purchases.

It’s a pretty poor showing, to be honest, and shows that whilst eBay is making steps in the right direction it still isn’t truly pulling out all the stops. Calling last orders for Christmas Click & Collect on the 19th December doesn’t strike me as all that impressive.

Indeed, it was only yesterday that a second class Royal Mail despatch could be guaranteed to arrive. Today is also last knockings for Amazon’s super cheap saver delivery service.

You have until the close of play on Friday for First Class Royal Mail Delivery. At Marks and Sparks you can order to Click & Collect until noon Monday.

And Amazon are really showing off with their last minute delivery plan: if you really want to play Christmas Chicken, with the evening delivery service, assuming you’re in an eligible area, you can place an Amazon order up until 9:30am on Christmas Eve itself. Chris wrote about this earlier today.

So, the battle of Christmas delivery 2013 is definitely won conclusively by Amazon. Here’s hoping eBay have bold plans to improve their nascent Click & Collect service in 2014 otherwise they could be left behind in this key area of ecommerce innovation.

  • 4 years ago

    Sounds a bit pathetic.

    You can click and collect with Argos up until Christmas eve. Bizarre.

    Maybe Argos have pulled the plug to garner some advantage.

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