Royal Mail and CWU announce no strike agreement

By Chris Dawson December 4, 2013 - 10:53 am

Royal Mail have announced that, following the conclusion of talks, Royal Mail Group Ltd has reached a negotiators agreement in principle with the Communication Workers Union on pay, legal protections, industrial stability and pensions.

The proposed agreement will now be considered by the executive of the union before being balloted on by the union’s membership.

Royal Mail and the CWU have agreed that the union’s ballot for industrial action remains valid. However, the CWU has confirmed that there will be no disruption through industrial action during the ratification process of the proposed agreement, including the whole of the Christmas trading period.

An announcement on the content of the proposed agreement will be made when it is ratified by the union’s executive committee. The proposed agreement is also subject to approval by the Royal Mail Board.

Fantastic news! Good on the CWU and Royal Mail. Christmas is now officially on!

  • 4 years ago

    Good news for us, well done to the Royal Mail.

  • Jonah
    4 years ago

    Sounds like Royal Mail are just dragging it out to get Xmas over with. Then they’ll withdraw the deal and let the posties walkout

    • Gary
      4 years ago

      That may have been the case as a taxpayer funded business but now Royal Mail has shareholders this scenario won’t happen. It is no longer a political game of poker. Everybody wants the business to succeed including the staff and management. Certainty allows everybody to move forward.

      The real looser here could be The Post Office. I don’t expect it to survive in its current form. Most of the government services the Post Office provide are or will be going electronic and paper free. Royal Mail will be seeking to increase its direct contact with customers and to increase the number of drop off points Hermes style.

    • Tony C
      4 years ago

      That’s my take too 😀

  • A+
    4 years ago

    The staff at my local post office told me today that they will be on strike next Monday and Thursday from 12.30pm (it’s a crown post office) and the branch will be closed unless replacement staff turn up

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