Reactions to Amazon Prime Air drones

By Chris Dawson December 3, 2013 - 8:07 am

Amazon Prime Air HomeThere’s been a fair dose of incredulity at Amazon Prime Air announced just before the US Cyber Monday sales kicked off, but the general consensus is that Bezos has managed to largely hog press coverage today so it’s achieved it’s aim.

The Guardian says “Don’t believe the hype” and the Telegraph has “Nine ways it could go horribly wrong“.

The truth of it is however that whilst it might be five years away according to Amazon it might just become the norm for those living near Amazon warehouses. It probably wouldn’t work very well in built up areas and definitely US homes tend to have more generous frontage for landing zones than houses in the UK. Between the cars, trees and bushes in my garden along with the power lines and Street lamps any drone that could land at my front door would have to be amazingly nimble to say the least.

Of course half the fun has been the jokes flying around about crashing drones and undelivered packages and @quantumpirate on twitter has a hilarious missed delivery note. Quite how the buyer could be carded by a drone that didn’t make the delivery hasn’t been thought through… but it’s too good not to post anyway, especially the response which is supposed to be from Amazon.

Failed drone delivery card and supposed Amazon response

Failed Drone Delivery

It’s not just individuals and newspapers that have jumped on the publicity bandwagon though. Thanks to Robert C for pointing us towards Waterstones semi-official response posted on their YouTube channel

Waterstones O.W.L.S delivery service

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