Holiday mobile sales: Phone vs Tablet

By Chris Dawson December 13, 2013 - 6:28 am

CPC strategy have published a 2013 Black Friday & Cyber Monday Google Shopping Report, looking at a representative sample of 10% of their client base (215 clients).

Whilst it’s based on US data, there are some interesting trends, for example Google Product Listing Ads (PLA) traffic was up 143.50% compared to 2012 for Thanksgiving weekend and PLA Revenue was up even more at 238.22%.

What I found really interesting however was their breakdown of mobile traffic to split smartphone sales from tablet users.





Average Traffic %

15.55% of overall traffic 12.98% of overall traffic

Average Revenue %

7.54% of overall revenue 9.59% of overall revenue

Average Conversion Rate

2.78% 2.16%

Average Order value

$127.38 $206.00

It would appear that whilst mobile devices get more traffic and a higher conversion rate, tablets are used when buyers purchase higher ticket items and account for a larger share of the overall revenue.

Mobile phone vs tablet sales

Together from the clients CPC Strategy looked at, just under 30% of total traffic was mobile. That’s lower than some of the figures we’ve been hearing but it still means that if you’re serious about selling online you need to make sure your webstore is optimised for mobile traffic.

You can read the full CPC Strategy 2013 Black Friday & Cyber Monday Google Shopping Report by downloading the pdf.

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