Free eBay selling for unwanted gifts to 5th Jan

By Chris Dawson December 26, 2013 - 10:20 am

Unwanted duplicate giftWhat did you get for Christmas and was it what you wanted or did you get a duplicate gift or something you already had? If not is the message of eBay’s latest tv advert.

So what was the worst gift you received? Here’s what the likely offenders are:


  • In-laws and extended family (aunts, uncles, cousins) worst offenders
  • Most unpopular gifts DIY/tools – but average resale price of a toolbox alone on eBay is £31
  • Clothing, accessories, beauty products and jewellery are the hardest gifts to get right
  • Italians most likely to receive an unwanted gift, of countries surveyed in Europe


  • The rise of DIY gifting: over half of respondents in Ireland, Italy, Poland, Russia, Spain and Sweden have gone out to buy a gift for someone else and ended up buying one for themselves
  • Easiest person to buy for: children, ranks higher than spouse, much higher than parents
  • Over 1 in 10 respondents in Ireland, Italy, Russia, Spain have used social media to influence the gifts they receive


  • When receiving a gaffe gift, half of all British adults thank the person enthusiastically hiding their true feelings
  • Ten per cent politely admit they do not want the present and ask for a receipt
  • Eight per cent admit that they don’t really like the gift but leave it at that
  • Four per cent don’t hold back and honestly tell their friend or relative exactly what they think of the Christmas present blooper

Free listings for private sellers only, see eBay for full

  • Tony
    4 years ago

    It makes me sick actually – all the way up to Christmas they’re telling people to buy, buy, buy, then they’re telling people to be ungrateful for what’s been bought, bought, bought. A sign of just how sick our world has become imo.

    • radroach
      4 years ago

      There was a time when the concept of an unwanted Christmas gift was rarely spoken of, and something of a taboo subject.

      This kind of promotion is contributing to a slow but sure increase amongst consumers to opt out of present buying on a mutual basis.

      Let’s face it, if this trend were to gather momentum it would be disastrous for some retailers.

  • 4 years ago

    Its only the usual 100 Free List that is usually over a Weekend stretched out over an extended time scale. Yet the wording gives the impression that its for an unlimited number of items.

    On the subject of Christmas presents I wonder how many got barmy presents. Over the years I have heard about wives being given Chainsaws and Model Railway Equipment and Men being given Beauty Products. I wonder if any Tamebay regulars got anything “interesting”.

  • Jim S
    4 years ago

    Anyone know who sings this song? TA

  • paddy
    4 years ago

    My missus got a David Beckham “pour homme” set from her Grandad. I have a feeling he thought the packaging looked really nice and just went with it.

  • Gary
    4 years ago

    The bride and groom at the last wedding we attended requested donations to charity and not wedding gifts. Maybe this is the way forward for all gift giving?

    Retailers with massive overhead and ebay are on a slippery slope if such a scenario occurs. The ebay advert may well encourage future gift giving to be of a type that cannot be sold on.

    All the girls in my life got Lush which made gift shopping extremely simple and everybody was very happy! Lush have just announced massive record increases in turnover so it seems that there are many like minded shoppers out there.

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