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By Chris Dawson December 4, 2013 - 8:04 am

Fast eBay SearchFast eBay Search is a configurable, feature rich buyer extension for eBay. Using Fast eBay Search saves you time and makes searching eBay a snap. Searching eBay can take time and you don’t want to waste your day waiting for web pages to load. FES was built for speed.

The reason it can work so fast is quite simply because it works directly with the eBay API, and doesn’t load all of the extraneous information and adverts that you’ll see on the main eBay site – The average request in FES is less than 70k, the average eBay website request is over 1 megabyte.

Fast eBay Search does NOT ask for your eBay login information and you do NOT need to be logged in to eBay for the extension to work and of course Fast eBay Search is spyware/adware free and will not harm your computer/browser in any way. Fast eBay Search does not track, store or sell any personal information.

There are a ton of features such as Saved Searches, Watched Auctions, Auto Complete, Search Specific Category, Search Auctions / Buy It Now, Min / Max Price, Item Condition, Sort Results, Image Hover / Zoom and Open listings/auctions in same or new window.

You may want to use Fast eBay search as a seller for research purposes, but it really comes into it’s own for buyers who want a quicker easier way to browse eBay. It’s totally free and you can download it from the Google Chrome Web Store.

  • 4 years ago

    It looks a bit average, pricing in $ if you switch to eBay UK, I mean seriously, nobody could spot this before launch.

    The only thing of interest I spotted was it is pulling apart multi variant listings and showing each individual variant as a separate item. A nice boost if you have a listing at the top of best match, I now have 12 instead of a single multi listing.

    • @Whirly I’m the developer of this extension. I appreciate your feedback and will add localized currency symbols in my next release. This plugin was only originally developed for a US audience. Any other feedback you have is greatly appreciated.

    • 4 years ago

      I’t looks neat but I’d not be sure I was getting the best deal, it doesn’t appear to allow you to select sub categories.

      Switching to UK and saving doesn’t affect the ‘Deals’ tab so it just shows stuff from the USA, I’m not a massive shopper on eBay but the daily deals page is probably the only page I check daily, it would be good to show the UK deals.

      Good luck anyway.

    • I’ll look into searching sub-categories and how that can be done in the extension interface.

      From the looks of it I can display UK deals, I’ll work that into the next release which will come very soon. (24 hours)

  • A new version of Fast eBay Search (4.4.6) is now available in the chrome store. If you have the extension installed, Chrome will automatically update your extension for you in the next couple hours. If you want to see what version your are running, visit your extensions page: chrome://extensions

    Changes Made:
    – Displays the correct currency symbol.
    – UK deals now available when “search site” in options is set to UK.

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