Boffer Pile of Crap back on Christmas Day

By Chris Dawson December 23, 2013 - 7:26 pm

Merry Christmas lgWe’re hoping you’ll be taking Christmas Day off (maybe bar a cursory look at your emails to make sure that there are no urgent customer care issues to take care off. However the guys are Boffer are determined to get you to work and we hear they’ve a pile of crap to be sold on Christmas Day.

We haven’t a clue what will be in it (hopefully not Christmas decorations!), but if you didn’t like your Christmas presents and fancy punting a few quid on what will probably be another turkey give it a whirl – the one thing we do know is that you normally get your money’s worth.

Don’t say you weren’t warned and don’t buy if you’ve already been on the sherry and are a bit tipsy, but if you want a punt for fun the deal will go live at 11.59am

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