Amazon’s Build International Listings Tool

By Chris Dawson December 19, 2013 - 7:48 am

EU-mapAmazon have introduced the Build International Listings Tool to help Pro Sellers list their products quickly and easily on Amazon’s other European Marketplaces If you’re not already using it then the down time over the Christmas and New Year may be the perfect time to expand your listings to all five Amazon EU marketplaces.

Sellers can instantly create listings and start selling on other Amazon European Marketplaces based on the products they are selling in their local marketplace. Changes are automatically reflected across all selected listings based on the pricing rules specified by the seller. Exchange rate fluctuations are monitored and prices automatically adjusted based on pricing rules selected by the seller.

If you already use Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA), when an order is placed on any of Amazon’s European Marketplaces, Amazon will fulfil their order EU-wide from your local inventory pool using the European Fulfilment Network (EFN). This means that you do not have to worry about taking care of international fulfilment or customer service in local language as Amazon will handle this as part of the FBA service.

A Unified Amazon European Marketplaces Account is needed. You will only pay one local account subscription fee to sell on all five of Amazon’s European Marketplaces with no subsequent listing fees.

The Build International Listings Tool will only create listings for those items which already exist in the Amazon European Marketplaces that sellers wish to expand their sales to. If the products are unique, it is likely that they will not be listed on other Amazon European marketplaces and so sellers will need to create the listing before being able to synchronise their marketplaces with the Build International Listings Tool.

  • elvis
    4 years ago

    Word of warning for anyone about to do this. Selling in Amazon Italy and Spain is easy to set up but you won’t be able to withdraw your funds unless you have a Spanish and Italian bank account. For amazon France and Germany you can withdraw deposits to your UK bank account.

    • Lee Pearce
      4 years ago

      Plenty of companies that deal with this, we use Currencies Direct, who have been featured on Tamebay previously.


  • Lee Pearce
    4 years ago

    We stumbled across this about 3 months ago and it makes international listing a breeze.

    We do sell generic products from well known suppliers, so a good percentage of our products are available across the Amazon sites.

    As mentioned in the article, one of the advantages is that if you change a price of a product, its automatically changed across all marketplaces.

    You can also set a list of products that you do not want to be added to the other marketplaces.

    Amazon are really making it easy to list product on, I have seen that one of the files you can upload product on to Amazon is called Ebay Turbolister, which is in Beta at the moment and only for specific categories


    • Martin
      4 years ago

      We’ve been using it since September, have increased our German and French listings a lot, resulting as expected in increased sales.
      Doesn’t always work perfectly when getting translations done – had one batch with every item marked not translateable, though another request later got those items translated and pages created.

  • JRoger
    4 years ago

    If you are approached by Amazon sales reps about free translation for the listing, my advise will be don’t do it. we have the problems with ES and FR.

    The sale reps will not reply your email once it is done, so you are on your own to sort out the mess. They promise to translate the whole listing, title, feature and content, but it turns out only the title is translated. The listing has been locked, so I need to contact CS to update the rest, which is plain. I would be better off to do it myself.

    • Martin
      4 years ago

      Our entire listing was translated (.de). Could do it myself but time as always is an issue – for a single listing figure 5 – 10 minutes to translate and double check listing. Amazon doing it for free within a day or two for up to 50 items at once? No brainer for us.

  • 4 years ago

    Keep in mind that while Amazon’s Build International Listings Tool will refresh your prices across the European marketplaces, it is doing so based on your home marketplace price which may not be the best possible price in a given European marketplace.

    To be truly competitive on each marketplace you’ll need to use a repricing tool that can monitor all of the European marketplaces and provide you with the best possible price on each—resulting in better margins for your products.

    Your optimum price for a product in the UK might be £5, but if the lowest price on Germany is €10 you would only want to sell at €9.95, not €6 which would be your £5 converted to Euro. That would be a lot of margin to lose out on.

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