After images, Amazon give 1 week variation update edict

By Chris Dawson December 5, 2013 - 8:40 am

Following the news that Amazon are enforcing image guidelines, particularly in the fashion and accessories categories, we were rather alarmed to hear that in the busiest period of the year they’re asking retailers to edit their listings yet again.

One Tamebay reader who has just edited all his images (Amazon gave sellers just two weeks notice to get their images updated). They told us “We are now receiving warnings that items that are not listed on the site as multi variation listings need to be re-listed in multi variation form” adding “Talk about pick your timings. Also from the small amount of time I have had to look into this I can’t find anything in Amazon’s terms with regards to a policy for these, but they are saying we only have a week to change them. This effects a huge amount of listings, a lot of them older listings that we put onto Amazon when multi-variations were not available in our categories“.

This is a bit of a nightmare landing in retailers inboxes at the busiest time of year. Editing images is bad enough, but changing to multi-variation listings means redoing a lot more work than simply uploading new listings to existing images.

For reference the seller we’ve spoken to is selling in the Jewellery category and that’s where the listings they’ve been asked to edit are. If you’re selling on Amazon and have the option to use multi variation listings make sure you do so, or you too could be asked to make updates and possibly at the most inconvenient time of year.

  • Paul Garside
    4 years ago

    Should have been done ages ago. Don’t have any sympathy for the seller though. Even if there was a time when it wasn’t possible to do multi variation listing that must have been over 8/9/10 years ago. Laziness of the seller to not change listings to reflect major change smade by Amazon. Anyone who has say 10 listings for 1 ring is just making everything worse for everyone, it’s the equivalent of spam and makes buying on Amazon harder and has no benefit to the seller as sales for one product would be spread out over numerous products. It also affects the competition as the categories are just filled with clutter.

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