The mystery of the disappearing images on eBay

By Chris Dawson November 27, 2013 - 6:42 am

There appears to be a definite bug with missing images on eBay, which has apparently been confirmed by eBay support.

Simon from Maldon Jewellery has been editing large numbers of his listings to add additional images. Every now an again he would notice a few that don’t have the extra images and would manually add them again.

Simon says that the bug doesn’t affect all listings, but he found one and took screenshots of adding images and then hey presto the images have vanished again

Screen shot of adding images

Add Pictures

Screen shot with the images gone again

Missing Images

Are you affected?

Simon asked if anyone else that’s also been affected could telephone eBay support. The more calls they get and the more widespread the problem is the quicker he believes that eBay will get it fixed.

  • 4 years ago

    I did send this a few days ago and have been checking every day and trying to revise.
    What do you know? It revised ok this morning.

    Thanks guys for Hi liting the issue.
    Regards Simon

    • 4 years ago

      Hi Simon… typical. Sorry it’s been a manic couple of days!

  • admiralhardinge
    4 years ago

    Had a similar issue when updating images. Ebay told me it was because the listings were corrupted by over-using Sell Similar. It just wouldn’t accept new images and defaulted back to the original image. Let’s hope it is now fixed.

  • Bhavin
    4 years ago

    Had the same problem some time ago. Reported it to eBay. They told me that the system would update itself – it never did. Had to delete the image from the listing and put it back on. Lost quite a few sales before I realised the problem!

  • Pete_M
    4 years ago

    Keep getting this problem with variation listings, not all listings are affected though. We found a solution was to delete the gallery image in the listing (…and re-upload it again) rather than delete and replace the gallery image in variations.

    Have you noticed how old gallery images are put into messages from buyers and not the nice new shiny updated image/s. This is a long standing issue, we sometimes change the gallery image/s from time to time and have seen this problem for as long as I can remember. I don’t think eBay actually delete the old image/s, even though that’s what is purported to be happening;)

    Off topic: anyone had any images pulled by eBay yet, there still seems to be a lot of graffiti images on the site?

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