Selling your least popular products

By Glenn November 29, 2013 - 8:37 am

Glenn sells on Amazon, as well as being a regular contributor to Tamebay. Today he talks about how to sell your least popular products:

As a large man who outgrew Marks and Spencer’s range of clothing several years ago I find myself selecting clothes primarily on the criteria ‘does it fit?’ Style and fashion rarely play a part in the selection process.

Purple Polo Neck JumperThat said my wonderful mother in law (I actually really mean that, she is lovely) brought me a purple polyester polar neck pullover one Christmas which fitted but which I wouldn’t wear for all the tea in china. Even though it fitted I looked like an overripe plum. The dreaded 3 P’s – purple, polyester, and polar neck. Bless her, but I hated it with a passion.

Years later and hundreds of clothing sales later I have discovered a similar phenomenon to my aversion to the three P’s

For reasons unknown I have discovered that certain colour and size combinations just aren’t popular and simply don’t sell. Many of the products I sell are available in a range of colours and sizes and no one colour or size is rejected, but rather specific combinations i.e. a red T shirt might sell well in large and medium, but size small just won’t sell even though other colours in size small sell fine.

I can’t identify any particular combination of size and colour because the least desirable combination changes from product to product. One time it will be Red/Small and yet a different style might find that Blue/XL is the least popular combination.

Very often there is little discernible difference between two products i.e. they are both similar T shirts offered in a range of colours and sizes, but one combination will always be the least popular.

Many sellers like myself find that they need to significantly reduce the price of the least popular size/colour combination to clear that line even though other sizes and colours can still command a profitable price.

So next time you see somebody wearing a purple polar neck pullover, or a totally mismatched selection of clothes suggesting that they got dressed in the dark think again because they maybe a very shrewd purchaser of cheaper but least popular clothing combinations.

  • Gwen
    8 years ago

    I sell dog toys and balls on a rope are very popular.
    However, the manufacturers do insist on having blue coloured balls in their multi packs.
    I have to reduce the price of the blue ones to sell them.

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