Protect your product review reputation with Bqool

By Chris Dawson November 6, 2013 - 12:01 pm

bqool featWe all know how important feedback is, it can make or break your reputation on a marketplace. Whilst sellers normally keep track of their seller feedback, on Amazon product reviews are just as important. That’s especially so if you’re selling your own unique branded goods.

Bqool offer a service to monitor your product reviews. They enable you to save time and see all your product reviews in one place without having to click through listing after listing to search for your product reviews.

bqool Amazon Product ReviewsJust one negative review could deter buyers from purchasing your product. To enable you to protect your brand Bqool enables you see your negative reviews in just one click. You can also rResolve negative reviews faster and email the customer to resolve the issue privately with BQool’s review to order matching tool or leave a public comment and track your actions the whole way through.

Another feature that Bqool offers is to eliminate leechers, overthrow your competition. You can find the sellers selling against the listings you created with the simple click of your mouse – if you’re the only seller who should be selling as it’s your own branded product, then you can protect your brand by reporting the sellers who are violating Amazon’s policies.

Bqool also have a repricing service, if you’re not using an Amazon repricer already then Bqool can do this for you as well as helping you to monitor and manage your feedback and product reviews. Pricing starts from $25 per month, but they have a free 30 day trial that you can sign up for today.

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