Meet the man who brought you Burger King ads on eBay

By Dan Wilson November 28, 2013 - 10:31 am

Over the weekend, you might have noticed a great big homepage advertising spot punting out 99p cheeseburgers on


As the graphic tastefully shows, if you mouse over the small ad at the top it tastefully expands to dominate the screen. Best of all, as I found, this mostly happened when I was trying to log into My eBay.

Now, this ad, as far as we know was not targeted to a Burger loving section of eBay users, it was there for all, all weekend.

So I was fascinated to read this morning in Media Week an interview with the man who brought you the 99p Cheeseburger ad. Meet Phuong Nguyen the head of eBay Advertising. You can read the piece here.

This comment from Nguyen stood out for me:

“Because we may not need the revenues, it means that there’s a real drive for an amazing advertising experience on eBay to make sure advertising is relevant and really adds to the shopping experience.” (Shurely shome mishtake?- Ed.)

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